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Young People's Experiences of Crime Project (2005)

This project is investigating the experiences of young people inIrelandas victims and as perpetrators of criminal activities, in the public and private sphere. It aims to provide vital and critical data to sustain future research, curricula development and policy-making.

This is an interdisciplinary project which draws, methodologically, on the tools, methods, concepts and theories from the social sciences and legal studies to better inform, critique and widen our understanding of young people’s experiences of crime. The project is carrying out original research through three integrated and interdisciplinary sub-streams. These include a focus upon:

  • Young people as Victims;
  • Young People as Perpetrators of Domestic Violence;
  • Young People and Street Violence.

A National Youth Crime archive of all available research on youth crime and juvenile justice inIrelandhas been created as a reference-only resource at the library in

DIT Mountjoy Square

. The Young People's Experiences of Crime Project shall develop core research strength within DIT by building an inter-disciplinary group, the Youth Crime Research Group, as a sustainable high-level inter-disciplinary and internationally recognized Centre of Excellence at DIT.