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Blogs and Selected Short Articles

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “University rankings schizophrenia? Europe impact study”World University News, Issue 343, 14 November. 

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “Devil is in the detail of global university rankings?”The Irish Times, 7 October. 

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “An assessment tool to be used with care?”Times Higher Education, 1 October.

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “Using U-Multirank to Enhance the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)”, Science|Business, 5 June.  

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “Obama’s Rating System: an International Perspective”Chronicle of Higher Education, 8 May. 

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “Are university rankings the tip of the iceberg?” University World News, 4 April, Issue 314, reposted on LSE Impact of Social Sciences Blog. 

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “World class universities and the public interest”PolicyNetwork, 3 March.

E. Hazelkorn (2014) “Making an Impact: New directions for Arts and Humanities Research”Arts and Humanities in Higher Education.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “Europe Enters the College Ranking Game”, Washington Monthly, September/October.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on Higher Education”, IAU Horizons, June, 19:2.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “Possible futures: Strategically positioning the EHEA in a global world”, AIE.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “In Europe, Contradictory Messages about Teaching and Research”, Chronicle of Higher Education, 26 September.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “Has higher education lost control over quality?”Chronicle of Higher Education, 23 May.

E. Hazelkorn (2013) “Europe Looks for Better Ways to Measure the Value of the Arts and Humanities”Chronicle of Higher Education, 10 January.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “Measuring Value: Societal Benefits of Research”Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 August 2012.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “Measuring Value: University-Based Research and National Needs”,Chronicle of Higher Education, 7 August 2012.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “What Effect is the Crisis Really Having?”Chronicle of Higher Education, 5 June 2012.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “Restructuring the Irish Higher Education Landscape”International Higher Education. Reprinted in World University News.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “Elitism takes us the wrong way”Research News.

E. Hazelkorn (2012) “Focusing on the Total Quality Experience”Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 May.

E. Hazelkorn (2011) “It’s Time to Move beyond Rankings”Chronicle of Higher Education, 25 September.

E. Hazelkorn (2011) “What does Australia and Kansas have in common?”Chronicle of Higher Education, 15 September.

E. Hazelkorn (2011) “Do Rankings Promote ‘Trickle down’ Knowledge?”World University News, 2 August.

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E. Hazelkorn (2011) “Questions Abound as College Rankings Race Goes Global”Chronicle of Higher Education, 13 March.

E. Hazelkorn (2011) “The Futility of Ranking Academic Journals”Chronicle of Higher Education, 16 August.

E. Hazelkorn (2010) “Policymaking by Numbers?”, OECD, 8 September.

E. Hazelkorn (2008) “Australia, Be Careful what you Wish For?”Global Higher Education.

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E. Hazelkorn (2008) “Has Higher Education become a victim of its own propaganda?“, Global Higher Education.